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ceramic porcelain floor tile cleaning


Ceramic tiled floors are a popular flooring option. Ceramic and Porcelain tiles are amongst the most resilient tile surfaces. They are usually non-porous so they don’t soak up water or stains. They’re durable, but like all floors, they need care and cleaning.

Tiles play a very important aesthetic as well as protective role in our homes. Whereas the function of the grout is to keep the tiles fixed in their place by filling the thin gap between the tiles. Over time, when they are not rinsed for a long time, they start appearing discoloured, greasy and grimy. Hence, we recommend you clean the tiles & grout regularly with soap solution and a mild disinfectant.

CM Graniteworks is a specialised service for tile cleaning, stone cleaning and grout cleaning. We understand that not all tiles are the same, so customise our cleaning processes to suit the individual requirements of the job. Porcelain tile cleaning, for example, can require different cleaning procedures depending on the finish of the tile.

Tiles can be expensive to purchase and install, which is why it is vital to keep them looking good for as long as possible. Professional cleaning not only improves their aesthetic appeal, it is also an important means of preserving the tile, significantly prolonging its life.

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