Tile Maintenance Tips

A few words of advice


travertine floor tile cleaning

Your Marble, Travertine or Limestone floor tiles should be treated in the correct way when being cleaned and polished. If you use the wrong cleaning chemicals, then you could permanently stain the Marble. Attempting to polish the Marble floor tiles yourself with the wrong equipment can actually cause damage that is difficult to repair. Professional Marble tile polishing for homeowners will be done with the appropriate chemicals and tools so that nothing is damaged.
Use only neutral Ph. cleaners to clean your Marble, Travertine or Limestone Floor Tiles

Make sure to keep acidic substances such as tile and grout cleaners, fruit juices, soft drinks, wine and vinegar off your Marble, Travertine or Limestone floor. If spills occur, wipe up immediately with neutral soap or clean water. The longer an acid sits on the stone surface the deeper the etch and the higher the cost to remove it. Dust or Mop Your Marble Floor regularly. Use a clean, dry and non-treated dust mop to clean the Marble floors. Be careful when you are using a vacuum cleaner because the dirt jammed in the wheels can etch the surface. Mop regularly using a stone cleaner.

No vinegar please!

Vinegar and water are popular for cleaning windows. Never use this near or on the Marble, Travertine or any natural stone floor tiles as any spill will damage the Marble. If you don’t have any Marble cleaner handy and you need to mop your Marble floors, you can use warm water. Change the water regularly to keep your stone floor streak free and use a clean mop. Leave the floor to air dry.

Use Marble Floor Tile Sealers

Some of the natural Stone tiles like Soapstone, Granite and Travertine are so dense that liquid cannot penetrate it. However, stone like Marble easily absorb liquids and stain very fast. Applying a stone sealer creates an impenetrable shell and keeps the stain near the surface. So, you get some time to remove the stain. Study the nature of your Marble, Travertine, Limestone, Travertine floor before applying the sealer. Please Note: Stone Sealers will not prevent acidic spills from damaging Marble. But they will greatly help to minimise the damage.

Have your Marble, Travertine, Limestone floor polished

Polishing your floor tiles to some extent decreases the absorbency rate of the Marble floor and it also brings out the colour of the stone. However, polishing does wear out and needs to be done once in a while. If you want your Marble, Travertine floor to shine just like in five star hotels, then polishing is a must.

Clean every spill immediately

Marble, Travertine or Limestone floor gets stained quickly and it is sensitive to acidic substances like wine, coffee, fruit juices, tomato sauce, sodas, cleaning and toiletry products. If there is any spill it should be cleaned immediately otherwise, the surface of your floor will become dull.

Use floor mats

We reccommend to use clean walk-off mats at the entrance of your Marble floor. Mats will collect most of the grit and soil that could end up on your floor and scratch it. Please Note: Take care with rubber/plastic backed mats as some polymers can discolour the marble tile. A similar example is the staining left from old rubber waffle carpet underlay.

If you follow these few simple guidelines, you will have a Marble floor that looks beautiful for years to come. If you have an older floor tiles that has been waxed or sealed with surface sealers, then you will need professional help to remove them without causing damage.


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